SVP Broadcast Microwave takes special care in offering an excellent customer service; this has been a key factor in SVP’s success. SVP pays close attention to the customer’s needs and to the solution of their problems.

Return Policy

Before contacting SVP when having questions about the equipment, ensure that you have sent this form completed to our email address ( , so that we can provide you the RMA number in 24 working hours. As soon as you have received the RMA number, we would be most grateful if you could send us the equipment to the following address:

SVP Broadcast Microwave S.L
Ref. RMA nr.
C/Zubiaurre 7
48215 Iurreta

Note: It’s important that we receive the equipment together with the RMA ( inclu. RMA number that you will receive from SVP)

All the SVP Broadcast Microwave's equipments will have a 2 year factory limited warranty.

1.) For equipments out of the warranty period, SVP will provide an estimated repair budget once our technical department has reviewed the equipment. If the reparation is gooing to take place, this budget needs to be accepted by the client.

2.) SVP compromises to send the repaired equipment before 30 working days, once the budget has been accepted.

 3.) Once the equipment has been repaired by SVP, it will have a warranty of 1 year