SVP the best manufacturer of microwave links

SVP has been selected as the best manufacturer of microwave links for the supply of downlink systems from helicopter to ground. The wide coverage and the high video quality with the DVB-T2 modulation, make SVP the best choice in the world market.

Frontex has chosen the HDR-106 receivers for border control along the AM-406L multisector antennas. SVP has provided 30 reception systems of helicopter to ground links to control borders in Spain.

The high HD video quality and the new DVB-T2 modulation make the HDR-106 receiver and the AM-406 multisector antenna an excellent choice. The SVP receivers allow compatibility with the old DVB-T links and they also are prepared to allow the new needs of the security agencies.

In addition, the control of the equipment via Internet and the video transmission via IP and GPS positioning, all integrated into the receiver, make this configuration the best choice for border control, customs surveillance and sea rescue.
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AOG relies on SVP links

The Chilean company AOG relies on SVP links and DVB-T2 technology to equip their airplanes of Recognition of Forest Services equipped with a Wescam MX-10.

The excellent quality of the video signal and the high coverage needed, make SVP links the best and ideal choice for this type of applications.
AOG relies on SVP links 1 AOG relies on SVP links 2

SVP in Heli-Expo 2014

SVP Broadcast Microwave will be attending the HAI Heli-Expo Show in Anaheim, California from February 25-27.

People taking part in this event will be able to see the new and novel products created by SVP.

We will take with us the new downlink system which consists on:

- HDT-02 H.264 - DVB-T/T2/S2 Multiband and Multifunction Transmitter.

- HDR-106 MPEG2/H.264 - 4:2:2 - 10 bits - DVB-T2/T Diversity 6 Receiver.

- Quickset antenna: which consists of a jig with a parabolic antenna fixed to it that allows constant aiming of the transmitter device.

Visit us in Booth No. 3307, Hall B and we will attend to all your questions and proposals.
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