NEW H.264 Microwave Links

SVP Broadcast Microwave continues working nonstop to offer to our customers digital microwave links with latest encoding and modulation technology as well as new system features. Through the continuous improvement in design and in I+D allows SVP to be in first line of the technology and attend new challenges.

This new generation of microwave link which has all the features for current ENG, sports, outdoor productions and studio production applications. It has an H.264 HD/SD professional broadcast quality encoder / decoder, based on NTT technology. SVP has acquired the ultra-low delay of the market on his new equipment.

The HDT-02 is the new H.264 and MPEG-2 multifunction transmitter developed by SVP Broadcast Microwave. This transmitter accepts analogue video, SD/HD-SDI and HDMI video input signals. Analogue, SDI embedded, HDMI embedded and AES audio inputs are available as standard. User data or GPS data can be transmitted over the data channel. The HDT-02 is the first transmitter in the market which performs DVB-T, DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 modulations. An L band IF output is available which enables the user to use the transmitter as a satellite encoder&modulator unit. It allows the terrestrial and satellite transmission simultaneously and the ultra-wide frequency band is from 1,3 to 3,8 GHz.

The HDR-100 is a diversity receiver. It integrates COFDM demodulation and spatial diversity based on MRC (Maximum Ratio Combining) technique, which reduces the effects of multipath and fading losses. This receiver developed by SVP Broadcast Microwave has several outputs: analogue video, SD/HD-SDI and HDMI outputs. It offers the received signal in all outputs simultaneously. New HDMI output is particularly useful when using semiprofessional monitors. ASI input and Transport Stream over IP input make possible to use this receiver as a standalone decoder, and also the ASI output and the Transport Stream over IP output enables the user to use the receiver as a demodulator.

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SVP designs a new antenna

SVP has developed a new antenna and it has been launch at the IBC 2012. This Super Antenna SA-213 has been designed to simplify the installation of the links.

It includes a sectorial antenna of 13 dBi, one filter band and one Down-Converter. The IF output can be connected directly to the receiver. It can be used with most of receivers of the market.

This Super Antenna SA-213 has been accepted with great success by our visitors at the IBC 2012.
SVP designs a new antenna 1 SVP designs a new antenna 2SVP designs a new antenna 3SVP designs a new antenna 4

New Quickset System for Point to Point links

This quickset system has been developed to install SVP’s HAP and HAPD antennas in tripod mounting systems without the need of tools.

It is a very sturdy system which allows easy and rapid installation and removal of the parabolic antennas for a quick system setup. Parabolic antennas can be installed directly on the RF heads of the HDT-70 transmitters and HDR-70 receivers with no need to use neither connection cables nor tools.

The antennas also have a quick connect feed design makes it particularly easy to store the antenna dishes and feeds.
New Quickset System for Point to Point links 1 New Quickset System for Point to Point links 2New Quickset System for Point to Point links 3

New BCR-102 HD Briefcase Receiver

The new BCR-102 is a HD briefcase receiver, which been recently developed by SVP Broadcast Microwave. This portable receiver has two antenna inputs with built – in down converters.
The receiver's features MRC diversity technique which significantly improves the robustness of the link and guarantees reception of the transmitted signal in the hardest conditions.
Especially the HD briefcase receiver is very useful for the reception of helicopters, from different areas. The power supply is totally independent as the alimentation comes from the batteries. Also the monitor is prepared for outdoor application as it has an auto brightness sensor, which allows working in the sunshine.
New  BCR-102 HD Briefcase Receiver  1 New  BCR-102 HD Briefcase Receiver  2New  BCR-102 HD Briefcase Receiver  3New  BCR-102 HD Briefcase Receiver  4

New Down Converter DCS_2G

The new DCS_2G down-converters mini have been specially designed to work with COFDM signals. This equipment converts signals received in RF band to UHF band.
These excellent electronic and mechanical design has made this equipment for a reference in this sector. This equipment allows clamping the tube for an easy installation.
New Down Converter DCS_2G 1 New Down Converter DCS_2G 2New Down Converter DCS_2G 3New Down Converter DCS_2G 4

New Amplifier PAC-2G3

The PAC-2G3 is a clip-on amplifier which been recently developed by SVP Broadcast Microwave. This amplifier used together with a camera transmitter allows the cameraman to cover higher distances.

This ultra-linear amplifier has been optimized for the use with COFDM digital signals. Proprietary predistortion technique enables higher output power and lower consumption.

Low intermodulation, excellent RF performance and high reliability make this amplifier especially interesting to be used in most demanding wireless camera link applications.
New Amplifier PAC-2G3 1 New Amplifier PAC-2G3 2New Amplifier PAC-2G3 3New Amplifier PAC-2G3 4