Multisector antenna

The multisector antenna has been recently developed by SVP. It consists of 4 sector panel antennas, which have 90º wide beam to provide 360º coverage, and an up-down antenna.
Among other applications, this multi-sector antenna is very useful to receive/transmit signals from a moving vehicle, such as a helicpter. When the helicopter is far a sector antenna will receive the signal and if it is near the signal will be received by the up-down antenna.Five down-converters are located inside the antenna so, the received signal is converted to the UHF band. The outputs of the antenna are connected the to a diversity 6 receiver. No external down-converters are needed.As shown on the photos below, this multisector antenna is a very compact, robust and easy to install solution.
Multisector antenna  1

Graph TV relies on SVP links

One more time, Graph TV relies on SVP links to expread its coverage area in Madrid.
After the success of a SVP systems network installed for the fire department of the community of Madrid, GraphTV relies again on the quality and reliability of the SVP links. An expansion of the coverage in the community of Madrid has been made adding two new centers where helicopter signal will be received.
Graph TV relies on SVP links 1

Uvetech purchases a COFDM link

Uvetech purchases a 10GHz digital COFDM link for a point to point application.
Uvetech purchases a COFDM link 1