Nexedge Airborne

Nexedge Airborne

NX-820 equipment, is a GPS and voice transmission system for orders, with digital modulation and encrypted transmission. This system features a maximum capacity of forty ports permitting various configurations.

Comprised of a Key Service Unit, expansion boards, electronic keysets and conventional single line telephones, the NX-820 offers a flexible control of telephone communications.

This product is used in Autotracking system when is required to transmit the position of the plane's GPS at long distances for the automatic pointing. It allows transmission at distances higher than 250 kilometers.

• 25 W
• Meets ETSI EN Standards
• 260 CH-GID
• 10 Character Alphanumeric Aliases
• Backlit LCD & Keys
• Function/Status LCD Icons
• Transmit/Busy/Call Alert/Warn LED
• Blue Function/Status LED
• On/Off Power Control
• 4 Up/Down Selectors
• With Speaker Audio
• Zone/CH Number Voice Announcement
• DB-15 Accessory Connector
• MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
• IP54 Water & Durst Intrusion
• Built-in GPS Receiver Models
• Magnetic GPS Antenna

NX-820 1
NX-820 2