4K HEVC Decoder

4K HEVC Decoder

The Lau-K is the new HEVC decoder developed by SVP Broadcast Microwave. Offering exceptional decomppression ratios on video resolution up to 4K UHD for contribution.

HEVC offers many advantages over H.264 like HEVC compression which results in significant bitrate savings over tradicional H.264 solutions. The additional efficiency of HEVC encoder makes wireless transmission of 4K possible.

This decoder supports low lattency making it ideal for live applications such as wireless cameras, ENG, SNG and Aircraft Data-Links.

Latency is critical in many broadcast applications and LAU-K decoder has been designed to minimise latency without compromising quality, making this decoder suitable for all live events.

The Lau-K decoder decompresses a single 4K UHD input or up to 2 HD of 1080p/60 inputs in one unit. Each input can support 2 stereo pairs of embedded audio.

It can be controlled and powered from HDR-10X receivers.

Lau-K 1
Lau-K 2
Lau-K 3
Lau-K 4
Lau-K 5
Lau-K 6