Intercom Base Station

Intercom Base Station

The IBS is the new intercom digital base station developed by SVP Broadcast Microwave. Installed in the OB Van, allows the TV producer to run a live show and communicate with the different technicians that take part on it.

The intercom base station has an integrated duplexer. It can work in full-duplex mode allowing the technicians and operators to communicate with the TV producer. It has 25 W output power and can work in continuous cycle without limit in time. It works in the UHF band and a very wide coverage is achieved.

Main features:
• Frequency bands: 440 to 470 MHz (UHF)
• Duplex channel number: 30
• Output power: 25 W
• Integrated duplexer
• Power supply: 13,2 VDC
• PTT switch (for continuous operation)