The DC down-converter has been specially designed to work with COFDM signals. This equipment converts signals received in RF band to UHF band.

The use of an external down-converter, as long as they are installed next to the receiver antennas, enables the installation of the receiver unit far from the antennas. In the UHF band cable losses are lower than in the RF band.

Main features:
• Frequency range: 1,3 to 11 GHz, in bands.
• Designed to work in environments with lots of RF signals.
• Excellent linearity is guaranteed.
• Very high IP3. It can work with a high level of received signals.
• PHEMT technology is used.
• High stability and low phase noise local oscillator.
• Excellent MER results in the receiver.
• One LED informs the operator of the down-converter’s status.
• Good adaptation at the amplifier input.
• This equipment is fed by the receiver.
• Watertight. It can work in extreme weather conditions.
• Two inox steel brackets for its fixation to a mast included.

DC 1
DC 2
DC 3
DC 4