Multi-Sector 5 GHz

Multi-Sector 5 GHz

The AM-406 is a multisector antenna, which has been developed by SVP Broadcast Microwave. This is a very compact, robust and easy-to-install solution for applications where hemispherical coverage with high gain is needed.

The AM-406 antenna is formed of 5 vertical linear or circular polarization sector panel antennas to offer an omnidirectional coverage. It also has an up antenna which allows hemispherical coverage.

There are two polarizations available for this antenna:
• Linear (L)
• Circular (C)

The AM-406 antenna integrates the bandpass filters and the down-converters. At the N connector outputs it offers received signal filtered, amplified and converted to the UHF band.

• Reception of signals coming from in-motion vehicles.
• It offers 360º coverage in the receiver site. There is no need to steer the antennas.
• Reception of signals transmitted from aircrafts (helicopters/airplanes) to the ground.

This antenna has been designed to be used in the receiver site in airborne links in diversity-6 mode; the up-down antenna allows the reception of the signal coming from the helicopter even if it is in the vertical direction.

AM-406 1
AM-406 2
AM-406 3
AM-406 5
AM-406 6
AM-406 7