Portable Link

SVP Broadcast Microwave’s renewed HDT-70 and HDR-70 series portable HD transmitters and receivers have been designed to be used in broadcast and security applications.

They can work in most demanding environmental conditions. Field tests have proven their outstanding RF performance.

HDT-70 and HDR-70 systems are compact and sturdy for transportation, quick and easy to install, very reliable in operation and easy to configure.

SVP’s portable receivers have been designed as two box systems with triax remoting. They consist of a control unit and a RF head which can be separated up to 500m.

The Portable Link System is available in different frequency bands from 1.3 to 10.5GHz.

One box portable transmitter is also available: HDT-04 HD compact transmitter.

SVP Broadcast Microwave offers a wide range of specially designed accessories for these applications:
- Duplexers
- Tripods
- Triax cables and low loss microwave cables.
- Antennas (Sector, Parabolic, single or double polarization)
- Brackets for 1+1 link configuration

Portable Link
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