TNTV in Hawaiki Nui Vaa

This year again, Hawaiki Nui Va'a has been the challenge of spectacular water duels between teams. The 2017 edition, rich in strong and intense emotions, which has been broadcasted by TNTV channel thanks to SVP equipment
TNTV in Hawaiki Nui Vaa 1 TNTV in Hawaiki Nui Vaa 2TNTV in Hawaiki Nui Vaa 3TNTV in Hawaiki Nui Vaa 4

Caracol TV new reception system

Caracol TV has acquired a new reception system which is being installed in Bogota. The TV station has choseen Bacata building for the installation.

Thanks to this diversity system, the reception would be improved, being possible the reception of either point to point transmissions or helicopter to ground transmissions.
Caracol TV new reception system 1 Caracol TV new reception system 2

Trail Nations Cup

The Trial of the Nations is an international trial competition (motorcycle discipline in which the riders must overcome obstacles without touching the ground with the body or falling to avoid being penalized) by teams, which is disputed annually since 1984, organized by the Federation International Motorcycling and in a venue that is previously determined and this year took place in the wonderful land of Baiona (Pontevedra). This year the event has been covered by SVP products.
Trail Nations Cup 1 Trail Nations Cup 2Trail Nations Cup 3Trail Nations Cup 4

Spanish Cycling Tour 2017

Today starts the biggest cycling race event in Spain of the year.
SVP technology will be used to warrant the best possible solution for such an event. Our transmitters, antennas and receivers have been installed in several OB trucks, helicopters, an aerplane and motorbike cameramen.
Operators have experienced our brand new autotracking system and they are impresesed with its performance.
Spanish Cycling Tour 2017 1 Spanish Cycling Tour 2017 2Spanish Cycling Tour 2017 3Spanish Cycling Tour 2017 4

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona soccer matches

Thanks to Mediapro, this year, SVP wireless camera system will be filming the Real Madrid and FC Barcelona players in all the Spanish league matches.
SVP wishes the soccer players the best luck for this season.
Real Madrid and FC Barcelona  soccer matches 1 Real Madrid and FC Barcelona  soccer matches 2

Pope's Francis visit to Fatima

Pope Francis visited on 12th and 13th of May the Portuguese town of Fátima to celebrate the centenary of the apparitions of Virgin Mary to two children.

This multitudinary event has been successfully covered from the air with SVP's helicopter downlink system.
Pope PopePopePope

Tour of the Basque Country 2017

One more year, the Tour of the Basque country has counted with SVP equipment for broadcast coverage.

A total of 4 motorbikes , a helicopter and an airplane were equipped.

If you need to cover a sporting event, do not hesitate to contact us:
Tour of the Basque Country 2017 1 Tour of the Basque Country 2017 2Tour of the Basque Country 2017 3Tour of the Basque Country 2017 4

KLV Metadata applications

SVP Broadcast Microwave is the leader in the market of Microwwave links in developing transmitters for aereal survillance which integrate encoders that support KLV metadata.

Our transmitters have diverse encryption types, up to AES 256.

We can transmitte KLV metadata from any sensor to any operator, analyst or decision maker whether stationary or mobile. For mobile receptions, SVP developed its new portable hand receiver with 13" sunlight readable screen.

For optimum link, our receivers get the GPS information via metadata which in turn is transmitted to the receiver which adjusts the antenna to track the helicopter.
KLV Metadata applications 1 KLV Metadata applications 2

Visit us at Heli-Expo


SVP Broadcast Microwave will be present this year at the Heli-Expo 2017 trade show that will be held in Dallas from March 7th to 9th.

HAI HELI-EXPO is where the global helicopter industry gathers to cater for the future necessities in a professional environment.

SVP Broadcat Microwave will be exhibiting its aircraft downlink products:

- Compact High Power transmitters
- Autotracking and diversity reception solutions
- Embedded KLV metadata and AES encryption integrated downlink systems
- 13" screen portable hand receiver

You are invited to join us at booth no. 7358 where we will show you our latest technology. Do not hesitate to schedule a face to face meeting with us.

If you wish to schedule it, please contact us at
Visit us at Heli-Expo 1 Visit us at Heli-Expo 2

KLV Metadata embedded in SDI video signal

This new feature developed by SVP allows the monitoring of the parameters provided by the helicopter camera for surveillance & targeting missions across air, land and sea domains. Poviding real time information of the mission in ground.

This new application has been developed according to the NATO STANAG 4609, MISB 0604.2 and MISB 0601.5 regulations.

For more information, please contact
KLV Metadata embedded in SDI video signal 1 KLV Metadata embedded in SDI video signal 2