SVP helps covering the 'Castellers' championship

Over the weekend of 1st and 2nd October the city of Tarragona played host to the 26th annual ‘Concurs de Castellers’, in which groups of adults and children compete to form the most spectacular human pyramids possible.

SVP was there providing reliable video links so that the viewers could follow the event without missing a detail.
SVP helps covering the SVP helps covering the

IBC 2016

Thank you to those who came to visit us to our booth at IBC show in Amsterdam.
For those who missed it we presented the following new features and devices:

Camera Control: Integrated on our HDT-02, a bidirectional full control on an independent UHF channel.
HDR-06 Diversity 6 MRC receiver: This technology allows the receiver to smartly add the signal from multi sector antennas increasing the maximum receiving distance notoriously.
HAP-30: high performance, reduced size and quick setup are the main features of this new parabolic antenna.

If you have any other questions about our new features or about our existing products contact us at
IBC 2016 1 IBC 2016 2

ISDB-T modulation now available

The latest of the Japanese ISDB-T modulations standard is now available on the HDT series, all you need to do is update to the latest firmware. Despite of not being as robust out flagship modulation DVB-T2 that can cope with high levels of multipath propagation, with a wide spread of delays between the received signals; it will maximize compatibility with devices from other manufacturers.
ISDB-T modulation now available 1 ISDB-T modulation now available 2

New antenna

SVP Broadcast Microwave proudly presents its new 30 cm parabolic antenna, called HAP-30. It is compatible with the rest of HAP series antennas that features ultra quick release. Please come to our stand in IBC to feel how sturdy it is.
New antenna 1 New antenna 2New antenna 3New antenna 4

Spanish cycling tour 2016

Today starts the biggest cycling race event in Spain of the year.
Advance RF company has rented SVP technology to warrant the best possible solution for such an event. Our transmitters, antennas and receivers have been installed in several OB trucks, helicopters, an aerplane and motorbike cameramen.
Operators have experienced our brand new unparalled autotracking system and they have been well impresesed with its performance.
Spanish cycling tour 2016 1 Spanish cycling tour 2016 2Spanish cycling tour 2016 3Spanish cycling tour 2016 4

SVP technology will help prevent fires

INAER provides SVP broadcast microvave DownLinks and DataLinks for the fire helicopter of the goverment of Aragon.
SVP technology will help prevent fires 1 SVP technology will help prevent fires 2SVP technology will help prevent fires 3SVP technology will help prevent fires 4

San Sebastian classic's race

The classic cycling race of San Sebastian has trusted in our products for the live production and the broadcasting of this multitudinary event.
San Sebastian classic San Sebastian classicSan Sebastian classicSan Sebastian classic

Burgos Tour 2016

Alberto Contador was the winner of this prestigious race where SVP products granted a flawless live event producction. Our equipment was present on the mobile OB unit, two motorbikes, a plane and a helicopter.
Burgos Tour 2016 1 Burgos Tour 2016 2Burgos Tour 2016 3Burgos Tour 2016 4

GPS Real-time positioning

Thanks to our GPS positioning, being completely informed about the position of your transmitters in real time is possible.

Helicopters and planes equipped with SVP links can be now be tracked in real-time in Google Maps.

For more informarion, contact us at:
GPS Real-time positioning 1 GPS Real-time positioning 2

Barcelona's GP 2016

SVP products were used by our clients in Barcelona's Montmelo motor championship 2016.
The HDT-02 transmitter was used as a mobile camera during the race.

SVP congratulates the race winners Pedro Acosta, Jamie Davis and Jose Antonio Rueda.
Barcelona BarcelonaBarcelonaBarcelona

Drifts of Sevile

Thanks to SVP Broadcast Microwave, our clients were able to transmit the regatas of Seville, Andalusia, which was won by Hondarribia.
Drifts of Sevile 1 Drifts of Sevile 2Drifts of Sevile 3Drifts of Sevile 4

Broadcast Asia 2016

Thank you for visiting us during the Broadcast Asia 2016 exhibition.
We are really pleased to have met you in our booth.

See you next year!
Broadcast Asia 2016 1 Broadcast Asia 2016 2Broadcast Asia 2016 3Broadcast Asia 2016 4

Rally Portugal 2016

Thanks to SVP products and SIT SPORT professional personnel, Portugues rally 2016, was possible by using 2 helicopters.
Rally Portugal 2016 1 Rally Portugal 2016 2Rally Portugal 2016 3Rally Portugal 2016 4

Wireless cameras at the stadium

Thanks to SVP Broascast Microwave products, Athletic Club Bilbao has cameras filming the around the stadium at each football match.
Images are displayed on screens inside and outside the football stadium.
Wireless cameras at the stadium 1 Wireless cameras at the stadium 2Wireless cameras at the stadium 3

Frisonfly rely on SVP products


Frisonfly has increases the number of helicopters with SVP transmitters.

The excellent video quality and great distance obtained by our products, convince Flisonfly and it has become a leading company in Brazil
 Frisonfly rely on SVP products 1  Frisonfly rely on SVP products 2

SVP wins a tender for RTV Ceuta

RTV Ceuta has chosen the best modulation available on Market, the DVB-T2 which is performed by SVP products, allowing high stability with no line of sight.

They have opted for a top product of international success.
SVP wins a tender for RTV Ceuta 1 SVP wins a tender for RTV Ceuta 2SVP wins a tender for RTV Ceuta 3SVP wins a tender for RTV Ceuta 4

New acquisition of Congres System

New acquisition of the company Congres System for the live broadcasting of medical congresses, giving the opportunity to learn by watching live surgeries!
New acquisition of Congres System 1 New acquisition of Congres System 2

Basque Country Cycling Race 2016


Our products take part in the Tour of the Basque country.

A total of 3 motorbikes , a helicopter and an airplane were equipped.

Contact SVP if you need to cover a sporting event :
Basque Country Cycling Race 2016 1 Basque Country Cycling Race 2016 2Basque Country Cycling Race 2016 3Basque Country Cycling Race 2016 4

Miguel Indurain Prize


The Basque rider Ion Izaguirre , from moviestar team, has made victory in the eighteenth edition of the GP Miguel Indurain , race held this Saturday in Estella , Navarra.

Live broadcasting , was made possible by the SVP equipment, TV Link productions and Air solutions provided by SIT company.
Miguel Indurain Prize 1 Miguel Indurain Prize 2Miguel Indurain Prize 3Miguel Indurain Prize 4

Spain Speed ​​Championship

Last sunday, took place the first race of the Spain Speed Championship in Albacete.

An exceptional robustness and quality of SVP products was once again demostrated thanks to the last achievement of our company, the MRC diversity in DVB-T2 which was used in combination with our camera link.
 Spain Speed ​​Championship  1  Spain Speed ​​Championship  2 Spain Speed ​​Championship  3 Spain Speed ​​Championship  4

SVP always improving their products

ISDB-T has been added to our HDR-70 receiver

This new feature comes as a default characteristic in our HDR-70 receivers.

That makes our receiver compatible with any transmitter in ISDB-T.
SVP always improving their products 1 SVP always improving their products 2

Tour of Andalucia

Thanks to the cooperation between SIT Sports and SVP Broadcast Microwave, the Andalucia's cycling race was performed with the best quality video.

The work was completed with two motorbikes, one helicopter and one plane. To see the results, visit the following link:
Tour of Andalucia 1 Tour of Andalucia 2Tour of Andalucia 3

Btesa won an important tender in Argelia

Our portable two box system won an important tender in Argelia.

RF Heads are waterproof and they connect to the control unit with a triax cable. The distance between the IDU and ODU unit is 300 meters.

Furthermore, using together with quick set clamp system developed by SVP, which allows you to plug the RF head easily to a parabolic antenna, the equipment become to a portable point to point link.
Btesa won an important tender in Argelia 1 Btesa won an important tender in Argelia 2