SDI has won an important tender in Ethiopia

Thank to the exceptional SVP equipments, SDI has won an important tender in Ethiopia.

SVP has developed a new portable link, which is well known for being easily mounted.

More information in the following video:
SDI has won an important tender in Ethiopia 1 SDI has won an important tender in Ethiopia 2

New project in Macedonia

SVP Equipments succesfully working to Sitel televisión in Macedonia with the help of Vision Total Multimedia Solutions, who integrates our systems profesionally.
New project in Macedonia 1 New project in Macedonia 2New project in Macedonia 3

New generation of SVP HD Radiolinks

Our clients uses the latest generation of links SVP, and this allows them to be at the forefront of HD broadcasts, being the first Spanish company to make productions in HD, both news, as major events or sports events, etc.

Its reliability in all events with the high quality and professionalism of his team, make the company in the production of links capable of performing the most important events in Spain.
New generation of SVP HD Radiolinks 1 New generation of SVP HD Radiolinks 2New generation of SVP HD Radiolinks 4

Valencia Marathon

Incredible display with an equipment of 3 motorbikes and a helicopter. We transmit 4 HD signals, managed by an airplane who worked as a repeater.

The reception was in a crane on finish goal.

Further proof of the high level of the SVP links working on DVB-T2 HD.
Valencia Marathon 1 Valencia Marathon 2Valencia Marathon 3Valencia Marathon 4

SVP in the Rally of Cataluña 2015

Last weekend, SVP have been present in the aerial coverage of the Rally of Cataluña.

For this type of application, the use of multisector antennas in the 5 GHz band, allows an omnidirectional coverage of 120 kilometers without any antenna orientation.

Very high quality images with GPS positioning and multicast distribution in local LAN network have been achieved thanks to the multicast function of TS over IP of the new HDR-106 receiver
SVP in the Rally of Cataluña 2015 1 SVP in the Rally of Cataluña 2015 2

109Mbps in only 30MHz

We introduce the DVB -S2 modulation on portable equipments "two box", both transmitter and receiver, it works together with DVB-T/T2 and DVB-S at the same equipment. With this modulation we can got 109MB on a 30MHz RF bandwidth!

We also have a duplexer to allow dual transmission or reception , or transmission and reception with a single antenna !
109Mbps in only 30MHz 1 109Mbps in only 30MHz 2109Mbps in only 30MHz 3

IBC Amsterdam 2015

IBC unites the technologies and business models powering the creation, management and delivery of all forms of electronic media content to consumers in a world where content is everywhere.

IBC sits at the forefront of all the recent major changes in the telecomunication industry. For that reason we were there.

Visit us next year in Amsterdam!
IBC  Amsterdam 2015 1 IBC  Amsterdam 2015 2IBC  Amsterdam 2015 3

The TNTV TV expands their fleet

The TNTV TV expands their fleet of links and IP encoders SVP,
Due to the excellent results of previously acquired equipment , they have returned to invest in equipment SVP .
Our Ip encoder performs ASI Transport Stream over IP and FEC encoding as defined in SMPTE 2022. It allows sending the signals over IP networks with the lowest delay in the market !
The TNTV TV expands their fleet 1

Bolivia TV with SVP

Bolivian TV acquires our new High-power DVB-T2 links with HDT-04 to transmit papal visit.
As expected , the live broadcast was perfect. HDT-04 transmiter is an excellent, reliable and comfortable solution for a wide variety of applications.
Bolivia TV with SVP 1 Bolivia TV with SVP 2

New DO-160 Certification

The Korean company S&K, visits SVP and supervises the procedure followed in the CTA environmental testing company in RTCA-DO160 standard in the new HDT-04 transmitters for implantation in Korea for different helicopters from various government agencies.

This certification of the new transmitter developed by SVP, will enable the implementation of the SVP systems for security agencies worldwide.
New DO-160 Certification 1 New DO-160 Certification 2

Mochino TV and SVP

Mochino TV event producer has increased the number of next genetion SVP links deployed for its live broadcasting services around the world.
Mochino TV and SVP 1 Mochino TV and SVP 2Mochino TV and SVP 3Mochino TV and SVP 4

TV Murcia inverts in SVP products

TV Murcia has invested in SVP latest technology. They will use our equipment to send live transmissions from its mobile unit without the need of a satellite relay.
TV Murcia inverts in SVP products 1 TV Murcia inverts in SVP products 4

SVP in French Polinesia

The company TNTV invests on the newst SVP's link technology for its live broadcast of the most important events in the heavenly isles of French Polinesia
SVP in French Polinesia 1 SVP in French Polinesia 2SVP in French Polinesia 3SVP in French Polinesia 4

Tour of the Basque Country

The best race up to the date, powered by SVP's latest equipment; with DVB-T2 no one can beat us!
Tour of the Basque Country 1 Tour of the Basque Country 2Tour of the Basque Country 3

SVP at NAB 2015

SVP's attendance to the NAB Show has been a great success. A lot of clients from around the world have discovered the new SVP equipment, specially the amazing HDT-04 transmitter, a modern equipment that has no rival up to date due to its features.
Besides, we've make stronger our position in America and we have upheld our filosophy that when a client tries our equipment once, they don't change to other manufacturer!
SVP at NAB 2015 1 SVP at NAB 2015 2SVP at NAB 2015 3SVP at NAB 2015 4

SVP's high quality equipment

The extreme conditions of snow and ice test SVP equipment at all facilities around the world, on the one hand with extremely low temperatures near the North Pole and on the other hand, with equipment operating with high temperatures in the Sahara desert.

SVP in French Polynesia

The prestigious television TNTV has believed in SVP equipments for the transmission of sports events.
SVP in French Polynesia 1 SVP in French Polynesia 2SVP in French Polynesia 3SVP in French Polynesia 4